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This Arabic Keyboard enables you to easily type Arabic online without installing Arabic keyboard. You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type Arabic letters with this online keyboard.

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hi salut  marhabaمرحباmarhaba مرحبا 
How are you? comment vas tu? Como estas ?keefak / keefik ? كيفك؟كيف حالك ؟Kaifa 7alouka / kaifa 7alouki7 = ح
What did you say? Qu'est ce que tu as dit?  Chou 2elet?شو ألتMatha kolt ماذا قلت؟ 
I love you j t'aime  bhebbak بحبك   
good morning bonjour  sâbah l khérصبح الخير   
do you want voulez-vous  baddakبدك   
welcome  ahlaأهلا   
thank you merci  shookran or Choukranشكرًا   
i want Je veux yo quiero baddéبديOuridأريد 
Yes Oui SiA    
No Non NLa (la2a)    
Of course Mais oui  Akeed    
A little bit Petit puex  Schwai    
That's right C'est vrai  MazboutمظبوطSahihصحيح 
Coffee Cafè  Ahwey     
Today Aujourd'hui  LyomليومAlyawm اليوم 
And Et  W    
Really? C'est vrai  3an jadd?    
Excellent  3âzim    
What does it mean? Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire? Qué significa esoChou ya3neiشو يعنيMatha ya3ni ماذا يعني 
Black Noir NegroAswadأسودAswadأسود 
My friends Mes amis Mis amigosAs7abeiأصحابيAs7abiأصحابي 
Son of the night Fils de la nuit Hijo de la nocheEbn el Leil ابن الليلIbnou llayl إبن الليل 
one hundred percent cent pour cent  miyei bel miyei (100 in 100)    
How do you say? Comment tu dis? Como se dice ?Kif bet2oulكيف بتقولKayfa takoulكيف تقول 
How do I say? Comment je dit? Como digo?Kif b2oulكيف بقولKaya akoul كيف أقول  
 nes bet2oul    
What is this? C'est quoi ça?  Chu haida?    
What are you doing? Qu'est ce que tu fais?  Chou 3am Ta3moul?    
Bye (With Safety)  M3 al Salémé مع ال سلامة Salamaمع ال سلامة 
Good evening  masa l khér    
Welcome  Ahla w sahla     
What is your name?  Énta Chou ésmak ?    
What is your name? (f)  Énte Chou ésmik ?    
My name is John Je m'apel john  Ana ésmé John     
Where are you from? (m)  Mén wén énta ?    
I live in France (m)  Ana sékin bé França    
I live in France (f)  Ana sékné bé França    
No problem Sans probleme No problemoMa fi méchklé    
I have a question.  3ndé soual    
I have a question for you?  3ndé soual la elak, 3ndé soual elak    
You have Tu as, vous avez (pl)  3ndak (m), 3ndik (f)    
He has, she has il a, elle a  3ndo (m), 3nda (f)    
Why has this summer ended so soon and the laurel bushes turned red? Why...has this year's summer ended quickly, The maple trees have become red,  Leysh saif assene entaha bsser3a wa7marett a7rash al gharليش صيف السنة انتهى بسرعة واحمرت احراش الغار
And the redhead woman is ablaze like them And the girl with reddish hair is like them in fire!  Wal mara li cha3ra a7mar metlon cha3lane bennarوالمرا اللى شعرا احمر متلن شعلانة بالنار   
No beginning, no end and times passes quickly like a stranger No beginning and no ending, the time passes strangely..  La bidayi wala nihayi wel wa'et mare'e gharibلا بداية ولا نهاية والوقت مارق غريب   
Just like your thoughts about me, one instant they sparkle then die out Like me when I pass by your thoughts.. twinkling for a moment then extinguish again  Metl mruri bi afkarak la7za btelma3 w betghibمتل مرورى بافكارك لحظة بتلمع و بتغيب   
Sparrows of the plains are coming as tidings of October's rain O' vale sparrows which you are coming to foretelling October's winter!!  Ya 3assafir assahl al jay tbesher bi chiti techrinيا عصافير السهل الجايى تبشر بشتى تشرين   
Faces and names on my mind, can't remember of whom There are faces and names in my head,tell me for whom are them!!  wjuh w asami bibali 7ada yzakarni laminوجوه واسامى ببالى جدا يذكرنى لمين   
The world is a circle that keeps spinning As the moon keeps turning around in the sky The life is a circle going around.. and the moon in the sky is going around..  Adeniyi 7al'a w 3am beddur wel amar bessama ydurالدنيى حلقة عم بتدور والقمر بالسما يدور   
 3mol ma3roufعمول معروفIsna3 li ma3roufanاصنع لي معروفاً 
 3mellei ahweiعملي اهوةIsna3 li lkahwaاصنع لي القهوة 
what time did you go to sleep  aya se3a nemet    
Did you eat already?       
Did you sleep well last night?   هل نمت جيدا الليلة الماضية هل نمت جيدا الليلة الماضية 
Your parents said to wake up.       
There is sun outside today.  Fi shamess barra lyom.    
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